Quest - Volume 4

How To Read Thai

How To Read Thai is the 4th book in our Quest system and is unlike any other book we've seen to teach people how to read Thai.

As you may know, Thai has very few spaces and when you factor in that there are vowels written above, below, before, and after consonants, it can be quite daunting. When you also consider that there are a couple of unwritten vowels as well, it's no wonder why...

Just $34.99

Check inside How To Read Thai...

Just $34.99

How We Make It Easy...

If you've worked through our Quest system...

  • you will know the entire Thai alphabet
  • you will know where the Thai vowels are written
  • you will know the 8 simple rules for reading Thai

...and that's what you need to get going, so now you can:

  • The Same Quest System

    You’ve already learned our system, so you can get stuck in straight away.

  • Seamless Colour-coding

    Your sub-conscious already knows instantly red, yellow and green and how important (and easy) these are in Quest.

  • Step-by-step

    Written in an easy-to-follow manner, we guide you through learning to read

  • You're already halfway there

    but you just don’t realise it yet

  • Incremental levels

    we start off with the very basics, and get more complex as you progress

  • Flexible

    you can come back to this as often as you like

  • No jargon

    as always, we don’t start throwing technical terms in… plain, simple English all the way

  • Think-aloud Thought Processes

    I take you through the exact thought processes I use when breaking down Thai sentences so you can follow them exactly.

  • Support

    we’re still only an email away 😉

  • In safe hands

    If you’ve come through the Quest system, you know that we never leave you floundering and are always here to answer your questions.

We've Made It As Easy As Possible

Available as a downloadable pdf ebook (384 pages), or from CreateSpace/Amazon as a print book (382 pages).

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Just $34.99

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This sample is comprised of random pages from throughout the 4 books to give you an idea of the layout, style, design, writing, system, consistency, and how it all flows.

Hopefully, you'll find it really easy to follow will see why Quest is THE best system for learning Thai.

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Now you've progressed through the Quest system, you've learned the Thai alphabet (or are just about there), you understand our colour-coding system, then you're now ready to start to learn to read Thai.


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Colour version


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