Quest - Volume 3

The Perfect Thai Phrasebook

TPTP is the 3rd book in the Quest system and, as it's packed with common everyday phrases that everybody uses, you can start speaking Thai straight away.

Just $9.99

Check inside the The Perfect Thai Phrasebook...

Just $9.99

What is The Perfect Thai Phrasebook?

You might find that a strange kind of question to ask, as it's plain to see from the title that it's a phrasebook...

But, it's actually more than that...

Let me explain.

You see, yes, this 102-page book is:

  • Bursting with simple everyday phrases that Thai’s use and you can handle everyday situations not only with ease but with flair
  • Easy to navigate – don’t waste time fumbling around looking for the what you need
  • Clean looking – our text is easy to find and easy to read, no eye-strain here!

But, it's got far more than just that.

It's Your Prelude to Reading Thai...

What’s more, it’s also an excellent tool in another, crucial way.

Sure, it’s a great phrasebook, but after coming to Thailand, many want to come back and decide to start learning the language; and this is where it gets better.

Many books make the Thai font so small it’s almost unreadable, but we don’t (สวัสดี is the same size font), we give equal weight to both fonts so that, if later on, you decide to start learning to read Thai, then the phrasebook is the go to resource where you can see and read the language used on a daily basis, AND can see how sentences are constructed and put together.

See, we told you it’s more than just a phrasebook!

So Simple, So Cheap, and So Good

Available as a downloadable pdf ebook (104 pages), or from CreateSpace/Amazon as a print book (102 pages).

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As a pdf download, the ebook is viewable on most devices [that we know of], and looks crisp, clear , and superb on each. With fully clickable table of contents links, you can navigate quickly to anywhere in the book with ease.

Just $9.99

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Hopefully, you'll find it really easy to follow will see why Quest is THE best system for learning Thai.

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Note: the images are indicative of the book cover, and the page count in the image does not necessarily reflect the number of pages in the actual book itself.

Note: the images are indicative of the book cover, and the page count in the image does not necessarily reflect the number of pages in the actual book itself.

Your Quest continues now with The Perfect Thai Phrasebook, your gateway to the holiday of your dreams. Packed with just the essential phrases you need to make yourself understood in the Land of Smiles.

As we place equal reliance on the Thai script as well as the Romanised text, you can use this long after your trip has finished to brush up on your reading skills, to learn sentence structure and what people actually say.

See, we told you it's not just a phrasebook.


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