Quest - Volume 2

Memory Aids To Your Great Adventure

MATYGA is the next book in the Quest system, and helps you to learn the complex Thai alphabet sounds, shapes, and consonant classes, very quickly. In conjunction with the Learn Thai Alphabet application, this is THE best way to learn Thai.

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How simple an idea in Memory Aids!!

Brock Estes

Check inside the book...

Okay, the Thai alphabet might have 44 consonants and 32 vowels, but so what?

Yes, 6 of those consonants might make the /k/ sound, and 4 more might make the /s/ sound, and another 4 make the /t/ sound, but, again, so what?

It's really only as difficult as you want to make it.

We make it easy.

There's not a lot more I can say about's easy.


Just $19.99

We've Made It As Easy As Possible

Available as a downloadable pdf ebook (83 pages), or from CreateSpace/Amazon as a print book (82 pages).

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As a pdf download, the ebook is viewable on most devices [that we know of], and looks crisp, clear , and superb on each. With fully clickable table of contents links, you can navigate quickly to anywhere in the book with ease.

Just $19.99

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Hopefully, you'll find it really easy to follow will see why Quest is THE best system for learning Thai.

If you've been trying to learn the alphabet from tables or by grouping the shapes together by similar characteristics and trying to learn that way, then you're in for a treat.

MATYGA uses the most simple method for entrenching and embedding all the Thai consonants and vowels in your memory so you will never forget.

Using our simple colour-coding system and our easy to remember pictures, you will wonder why you wasted so much time before and be amazed how easy learning the Thai alphabet really is.

Just $19.99

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