Quest - Volume 1

Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure

LTYGA is the entry point into the Quest system, and starts you with an overview of the Thai language and our system.

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What You Will Learn With The LTYGA eBook

Learning Thai is considered difficult by many, and with 12 different transliteration systems in use in the Kingdom, it's easy to where added confusion can creep in; but, with Quest and LTYGA you get:

  • 1 System

    It only takes a few short minutes to learn our system…and that’s it. You’ll never need to learn another one as long as you’re learning Thai.

  • Extensive Use of Colour

    a picture is far easier to remember than text (it’s the way our brains work) and you can see and follow instantly

  • Step-by-step

    it is impossible for you to get lost or confused with our guidance

  • No prior knowledge necessary

    our system is designed for absolute beginners

  • End-to-end

    we don’t ever leave you dangling and wondering what to do next, just follow along

  • Flexible

    you have total freedom to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. Remember, it’s all meant to be fun, not stressful and deadlines!

  • No jargon

    say goodbye to confusion as we use plain, simple English throughout.

  • Essential vocabulary

    so you can get started and build confidence right away

  • Support

    we’re always only an email away

  • In safe hands

    Russ has never been a language buff, and having been in the exact same place as you are now, if he can do it, so can you. With 27-years of experience teaching, you know your success is guaranteed.

We've Made It As Easy As Possible

Available as a downloadable pdf ebook (211 pages), or from CreateSpace/Amazon as a print book (210 pages).

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As a pdf download, the ebook is viewable on most devices [that we know of], and looks crisp, clear , and superb on each. With fully clickable table of contents links, you can navigate quickly to anywhere in the book with ease.

Just $24.99

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Hopefully, you'll find it really easy to follow will see why Quest is THE best system for learning Thai.

Your Quest begins with the entry point for our system, Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure (LTYGA). This 210+ page full-colour book gives you a solid introduction to the Thai language, the alphabet (section 1), consonants (section 2), vowels (section 3), etc. Everything you need to learn to get going.

To start with, you pick up Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure and quickly learn the transliteration system we use, our colour-codes, and our mnemonics – it is so easy and quick.


Just $24.99

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