About Us

Russ was born in the UK and grew up on the East coast of England. Joining the British Army at the age of 19, he served two tours in Northern Ireland and had one or two more trips out of the UK to Canada and Gibraltar.

Seven years later, and many years wiser (or not :-), he left the forces and went to work on the drilling rigs in the North Sea.

In 1997, and more through necessity than anything else, he retrained and started working as a Technical Writer for UK companies.

Seven years as an IT contractor, and bored with the mundaness of office life, gave way to the great outdoors when Russ became a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor; shortly afterwards, he obtained the MCA/RYA YachtMaster Ocean qualification.

The next 5 years involved many yacht deliveries, and a number of yacht races, including the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Following an injury sustained in the Southern Ocean, Russ left the yacht in cold and frosty Qingdao, and headed to the warm Thai coast for R&R.

On a return visit in 2009, he met Duangta.

Duangta is a native Thai national, and is co-author, translator and language adviser on all our books and apps.

She has her BA in English Language and an MA in TEFL; she works as an English teacher at the Prasatwittyakarn School in Surin Province.

Russ has a BA in English Language BA, 1st Class Honours with High Academic Achievement Award from Ramkamhaeng University, Bangkok.

The Book Ideas

The idea for Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure came about while Russ was learning the Thai language.

Experiencing the difficulties of learning the Thai alphabet, a chance encounter with a book by Harry Lorayne brought forth the idea for Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure.

Later came The Perfect Thai Phrasebook, The Learn Thai Alphabet application, How to Read Thai, and then The Learn Thai Numbers application.