Offer ends in:

Want to Learn the Thai Alphabet in 4 hours while Sitting by the Swimming Pool, Sipping Mai Tais, and Without Even Breaking Into a Mild Sweat?

A tall order?

No. Not anymore.

Before I reveal all, can I ask you a question?

Have a look at the following and see if you can relate to any of these scenarios:

  • Emiliusz used 'traditional' methods for learning the Thai Alphabet, but tried and failed many times
  • Marie spent £££ on different Thai books and material, but ended up more confused than before she started
  • Sandy (who has severe memory issues), failed many times at learning the Thai alphabet. This shattered her language confidence to the extent that she was fearful of trying anything 'new'
  • Mitch struggled to get anywhere past the initial stages
  • Allen couldn't get the pronunciation right (after many tries), let alone learning the alphabet
  • Brock struggled so much that he even resorted to creating his own phonetic transliteration to help him. It still didn’t work.

Now, if you can relate to any of the above then let me tell you right now…

You can stop worrying

I'll explain more in a mo, but first, let me introduce myself.

My name's Russ Crowley (that's me there, on the right, with my beautiful wife, Duangta).

I'm British and, like you,

I struggled with Thai

Especially with the Thai alphabet.

And after repeated failures, seeing what lay before me obliterated any enthusiasm I had left.

Yes, I bought books (quite a few, in fact). But

The conflicting ‘advice’ swamped me

Then, when you have to contend with 12 different transliteration systems it’s too much. It makes your mind boggle! Right before your brain gives up in disgust, that is. It feels like it wants to explode.

An ex-soldier (I served 7-years in the British Infantry), I’ve never been a quitter. So, I did keep going.

It wasn't easy and I tried most things. Perhaps you can also relate to some of these?

  • YouTube - but the videos at the time were all the same and of little use.
  • Writing the consonants out (and you should see my handwriting!). No good as it didn't sink in.
  • creating tables - but there are no obvious patterns to the consonant shapes
  • grouping them by class to see if this would help. Nope. That didn't work either
  • grouping them by sound. Nope (yet again)
  • creating my own flash cards (yuck! Plus my atrocious handwriting)
  • searching on the Internet for that magic pill that was going to make it all work. I didn't find it, of course; but I did discover some 'proper' flash cards
  • purchasing commercial Thai flash cards (Nope. Still no advantage there) (And I still have them)

All told, I wasted many hours trying to learn the Thai alphabet. I got nowhere. Looking back, I do wish I’d have got there faster, though!

The memory is still vivid. In fact, it feels like it happened yesterday, and

The Failures Are Still Raw

You see, Duangta and I had only recently met.

Yet, even in those early days of our relationship, I knew our future was together.  And, though she was very encouraging about my standstill with Thai, I know she’s very kind, too.


I Was Gutted!

Look, when you've tried everything and you still fail, what do you do next? What can you do?

Do you then WASTE more time, energy, and money? And then watch it all spiraling away from you?

I mean,

Perhaps It WAS Time to Call It a Day

I had no idea what to do. Where to turn. Who to ask.

Sure, I could keep blundering down this path. Not knowing where I was going or even if I’d get to my destination; but, in all honesty, enough was enough.

It’s like treading water.

Sure, you’re okay now, but soon you’ve got to make a decision. Get out or go under. I knew that, at least.

But what I didn’t know was that my break was, literally, just a few steps away.

At the time, Duangta was working at the Rutnin-Gimbel Hospital (on Asoke in Bangkok), so I decided to take a break and go see a movie..

Elementary, My Dear Watson!

Off I trekked to The Emporium to see Sherlock Holmes, the one by Guy Richie.

Afterwards, I fancied a walk so crossed over the walkway and started the long, steady trek back towards Asoke to meet Duangta.

Do you know that part of Bangkok at all?

Anyway, about 30m or so past The Robin Hood pub (heading towards Asoke) I discovered a tiny secondhand bookshop.

I had some time to spare, so in I went.

It Was Like Someone Physically Grabbing Me!

And There It Was…

Right in front of me.

THE book.

What turned out to be THE Answer to my Thai language prayers.

Now Here's the Crazy Part...

I wasn’t even looking for this type of book (Hey, if you read the above, you can appreciate that I was sick to the back teeth of language learning!). I was just browsing.

It Was Right There. In the Wrong Section. Staring Right at Me.

I skimmed through, clenched it to my chest, paid the paltry price, fled the bookshop, and hurried home. I texted Duangta (sorry, sweetheart) 😀

And then DEVOURED it.

Cover-to-cover. And back again.



I knew what I'd been missing. Now though,

I'd Cracked My Thai Language Barrier

I applied what I’d learnt from the book and it worked.


Before, I could remember 3 of the Middle Class consonants (on a good day, that is). Now…

I got all 9.

In under 15 minutes!

After that, it was easy.

The idea for our second book came from this.

But, given I’d just bought a new iPad, I had a great idea for an app.

The problem was,

The Technology Wasn't Ready Then

I won't bore you with the details, but we created the book first and later tried with the app. Suffice it to say that though I lost a fair bit of money on developers, I lost way more time trying to realize this ‘dream’.

Quite simply, the technology wasn’t there.

It is now, though

And it works.

And, let me tell you, it kicks the old flashcards, table writing, and all other ‘traditional’ slow methods I did, way out of the park.

Welcome to the Learn Thai Alphabet app

The web version of the app


...and the iPad apps. (It's the same app on Android. Look below.)

Check the application out in the video below:


  • You can take it wherever you go – so you’re no longer leashed to a location. It’s in your pocket, your bag, or even in your hand. Which means that…
  • You can learn wherever you are – whether waiting patiently in line for the bus or the train. Whether in the 15 seconds before someone answers your phone call. Yes, even beside the swimming pool while you’re sipping your 2nd ice cold Mai Tai! Now you can learn anywhere that you can use your mobile device.

(And yes, you can download it and use it offline once you’ve taken a couple of minutes to install it.)

Now you can:

  • Learn and test the entire alphabet: 44 consonants, the consonant classes, 32 vowels, punctuation marks, tone marks, and numbers. This is a COMPLETE package. We leave no stone unturned here. (By the way, this is version 3 of our app. We first released it in 2012). Follow our system and you’ll never forget it.
  • Learning with a proven method – our system works. Simple. (We have proof, or course. That’s down below). There’s nothing to stop you learning the entire Thai alphabet in a matter of hours.
  • Sounds from native Thai speakers - Native male and female Thai speakers voice all alphabet sounds. Different English dialects pronounce words differently, right? So, no matter what your dialect is you can compare against authentic Thai sounds and get it right 1st time.

(Following feedback from customers, we embedded the sounds into the error correction/feedback section. This enhances memory retention and improves accuracy. We added this in version 2.)

Best of all though is:

  • Learn at your own pace – you’re only limited by your own schedule. (But we know you will be as astounded by how easy this is as others have been.)

Now, I could go on about how good our app and our system is. (Our end-to-end system for learning Thai is called Quest: Quick, Easy, Simple Thai. It takes you all the way from absolute beginner through to being able to read Thai.)

But it’s better if it comes from others.

Read What Others Have to Say…

Remember those scenarios I mentioned earlier?

Well, here's what they did say.

(You'll notice that Emiliusz is in there a couple of times. He was kind enough to send us a number of emails telling us of his journey with learning Thai.)

  • The resources that you have created are the best that I've found to learn the Thai script because all the necessary knowledge is in one place

    ...and these resources, I feel, are based on the student's needs to learn; to learn Thai without the hassles of jargon. LTYGA and your online application are to the point. I like that a lot… Having said that, without your two valuable resources that you have put together, I think I would still be struggling with the Thai script, desperately searching online for answers that are hardly there... but I found your book and your app and I am thankful that I have. From the bottom of my heart, thank you,”
    Emiliusz Smorczewski Illinois
  • These resources are making the learning of Thai finally a reality after numerous false starts.

    If you are serious about learning Thai, you will not regret any of the time you spend early on with this material.”
    Brock Estes, Virginia
  • …this program has taken the fear away.

    My fears of the Thai language were overtaking me until I used this program. Within the first 4 hours I had the consonants down pat! I have a medical condition that causes severe memory issues, but I was retaining what I was learning! I decided to wait till the next day to see exactly how much I retained. I only got 1 wrong on the test! For me this was amazing!... I now feel confident I can learn and retain what I am learning. I have tried numerous other products and they made no sense what so ever! Since purchasing this software I am amazed at my progress with a language I NEVER thought I could learn! The Thai language is very intimidating and this program has taken the fear away! I would give it an 11 out of 10 points!! Thanks Russ!”
    Sandi Ching Ecuador
  • …Speed of light catalyst…

    I agree that your app and those posts are like a speed-of-light catalyst in terms teaching one the Thai script and reading it within literally two days (in my experience) which I find extraordinary. I have received Thai books from Thai friends in Thailand that are honestly a collection of hard to understand jargon that instead of starting with the basics, bombard one with so much information that should be reserved for the middle stages of language learning instead of the beginning (or maybe I have a personal problem when it comes to dry material...). Maybe, those books follow the 'if you want to learn how to swim quickly, you have to be thrown in the deep end of the pool' philosophy.”
    Emiliusz Smorczewski Illinois
  • I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to read and write Thai...

    “I decided to study the Middle and High class consonants first over a two day period (as together a total 20 consonants), then the next two days I devoted to the Low class consonants (24). I followed the same pattern with the vowels, so no rush. Suddenly I was looking at Thai writing and beginning to see some of the words forming ... fantastic!! This has been a brilliant start for me Russ, thanks mainly to your app. Your colour code and picture aids make learning so much easier and the great thing is, whenever I feel I am forgetting anything, it’s so easy to refresh my memory from your app.”
    Orville Earl London
  • I’m surprised at how quickly and easily this is sinking in

    This is great Russ. I never thought I’d be able to progress past the initial stages but I’m surprised at how quickly and easily this is sinking in. It’s great and is going to take my next trip to a whole new level.”
    Mitch Costello Sydney, Australia
  • …FUN as well as clear.

    …your method really appeals to me and is FUN as well as clear. Thanks so much for all your hard work – I hope it all pays off for you and Duangta!”
    Uda G Chippenham, UK
  • your method is top notch.

    I'd like to give you kudos for your well thought out system for learning Thai. I purchased the hardcopy of the first book in the Quest program, and I like how you "decode" the inter-mechanics of the Thai language. I'm a self-proclaimed polyglot in training, and I've learned several languages via different systems. I have to say that your method is top-notch.”
    Michael Dileo
  • 3 weeks...

    After only having your book and the app for about 3 weeks, I am able to sound out Thai words pretty accurately. Every chance I get I attempt to sound out phrases and check my pronunciation with Google Translate, which I find to be very accurate for the most part. At this rate I feel I will be about to speak fluently very soon. I get practice and pointers when speaking on Skype with my Thai friends. The hardest part is remembering words after you learn them but your books made learning the pronunciation and alphabet very easy. Thanks again."
    Allen Mitchell Chiang Mai

So, you can see that our app (and system) is well-thought out, well-received, and–above all–effective.

So How Much Is This Going to Cost?

A lot less than you’d think. And even a lot less than we already have on other areas of the website.


It’s our special relaunch price.

(I mentioned earlier about the technology not being available and the trials and tribulations we went through with it. Well now the tech’s here so we’ve updated and upgraded the apps.)

So, before I go any further, here are the requirements.


  • A pc or Mac and an Internet browser
  • An Android or iOS device (if you want to take the app with you) - it doesn't work on the ipad 1. But iPad 2+ and most recent devices that we’ve tested on all work.
  • The FREE Articulate Mobile Player app from the Play store or App store

Note: the Articulate Player is a 3rd-party app, we have zero control over that part of all of this. The app used to be unstable (and that’s a big part of why we never pushed this before), but the latest version is reliable.

For your devices, you do need to download and install the FREE Articulate Mobile Player app (AMP). This is available from the Play store (for Android) and app store (for iOS).

Once you’ve installed the AMP app, you can then download the Learn Thai Alphabet app to your device and you’re away.


Also, as an incentive to order today, you’ll also receive:

  • The Learn Thai Numbers app. This is our companion app. As the title suggests, this teaches you the Thai numbers (essential if you’re going off the beaten track). You can also download this to your mobile device (using the AMP) and learn alongside the Learn Thai Alphabet app. Normal price: $24.99
  • Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids To Your Great Adventure – this pdf ebook is Volume II of our Quest system. We developed the app from this book. It’s the inspiration (almost). (Hey, the battery on your phone won’t last forever and we want to make sure you’re covered when it goes.) Normal price $19.99

So that’s $45.98 worth of bonuses straight off the bat.

Not only do you get the LTA app for a knockdown price, but you get a set of bonuses which almost guarantee your language learning triumph. (I say almost, because you do still have to do some of the work.)

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one.

But, we do reserve the right to remove the bonuses AND up the price of the Learn Thai Alphabet app at any time. And without notice.

Elsewhere on the site, we sell the Learn Thai Alphabet application for $34.99.

But for this relaunch, you can get it and the bonuses today for $24.99.

That’s almost 30% off the price of the app alone.

And, to make it even more attractive for you, we have even made your investment risk-free.

Our Guarantee is 100% Risk free for 30-days

money back logo

100% Risk-free for 30-Days

Yes, we give you a 30-day, 100% risk-free guarantee.

This way, we take all the risk and you have nothing to lose.

Duangta and I are committed to quality, honesty, and building trust. We know that our application will help you learn Thai. So that’s why we accept all the risk. What’s more, we also want you to feel that you can place 100% trust in us.

So, if you do decide to give our application its best shot and it doesn’t help you, then all you need to do is send us an email and let us know. We’ll refund your money – in full. Hassle-free and no worries.


As mentioned, The Learn Thai Alphabet app and the bonuses are part of our Quest system for learning Thai. Quest has great value attached to it. As such, and because this is a relaunch, we won’t hold this price open forever.

So, you need to act now.

If you decide not to, that’s up to you. But if you return, then the price may be higher and/or the bonuses gone.

So, act now.

Remember, we 100% guarantee our app and our promise, so you have zero risk and nothing to lose – nothing!

A Reminder of What You Get

A quick reminder of what you get.

Once you start with us, you’ll breeze through learning the Thai Alphabet and will have a solid platform for your own learn Thai adventure.

As Emiliusz wrote:

“I agree that your app and those posts* are like a speed-of-light catalyst in terms teaching one the Thai script and reading it within literally two days (in my experience) which I find extraordinary.”

But only if you act now.

Remember, you get:

  • The Learn Thai Alphabet app (for web, iOS and Android)
  • The Learn Thai Numbers app (for web, iOS and Android)
  • Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure (pdf ebook)

Total value is $80.97.

And you get instant access for $24.99.

You know you should trust your gut on this. You’ve seen what others have said. It’s 100% risk free, for 30-days and you won’t regret it. We take all the worry away.

You have nothing to lose, so act now.

Click on the buy now button below and begin your Quest today.

Thanks for spending time with us today, we’re super proud of our apps (and our Quest system), and we know you will be too.

Best wishes,

Russ and Duangta

p.s. Don’t forget, this relaunch isn’t going to go on for long. Once the timer hits zero, it’s gone. Leave this page now and you may well regret it later). So, take action now. Take the 1st step in your own Quest and start your adventure today. Remember, it’s 100% risk free. Click on the button below:

p.p.s The book that I picked up in the secondhand bookshop that broke my language barrier? ‘The Memory Book’ by Harry Lorayne.

*The posts Emiliusz refers to were part of our ‘How To Read Thai’ book (Volume IV of our Quest system). Back then, I published them to our members’ area as I was writing the book.