Quest - Quick, Easy, Simple Thai

Hey, I'm ex-military and the military love acronyms; so, Quest was born...

Quest - the Best System for Learning Thai

We created Quest as though there were a lot of books out there covering learning Thai, they were either standalone books, or there were huge gaps between the levels they covered.

Russ has many of the books that have been written to help foreigners learn Thai and struggled with the different transliteration systems on offer. The one he was most comfortable with was the Paiboon system; and we use this throughout Quest.

Of course, as it's merely a stop-gap, you really don't want to waste time learning transliterated Thai, get onto the real thing as soon as you can - you'll be so glad you did.

What Does Quest Consist Of?

Quest consists of the following:

  • Volume 1 - Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure
  • Volume 2- Memory Aids To Your Great Adventure
  • Volume 3 - The Perfect Thai Phrasebook
  • Volume 4 - How To Read Thai
  • The Learn Thai Alphabet application
  • The Learn Thai Numbers application

Check them out below:


Why Is Quest So Good?

  • 1 System

    Our system is used across all our materials, so once you’ve learned it, that’s it – you can crack on and start learning Thai. With 12 different transliteration systems in use in Thailand, it’s possible to waste a huge amount of time learning different ones.

  • End-to-end

    Quest doesn’t leave you stranded and wondering where to go next. Even if you already know a bit of Thai, you can start with LTYGA, and build your knowledge quickly and we’ll take you all the way through to being able to learn Thai.

  • Extensive use of colour

    A picture is far easier to remember than text (it’s the way our brains work) and you can see and follow instantly

  • Step-by-step

    It is impossible for you to get lost or confused with our guidance

  • No prior knowledge necessary

    Our system is designed for absolute beginners

  • Flexibility

    You have total freedom to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. Remember, it’s all meant to be fun, not stressful and deadlines!

  • No jargon

    Say goodbye to confusion as we use plain, simple English throughout

  • Essential vocabulary

    So you can get started and build confidence right away

  • Support

    We’re always only an email away

  • And so much more...

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