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Dear Thai language learner,780107

It’s no secret that many are convinced that learning Thai is hard. It’s also quite possible that you’re reading this and are either thinking of starting to learn Thai; or, somewhere along the line, you’ve lost momentum and are pounding helplessly against a massive and impenetrable brick wall. An obstacle so big and stuck smack-bang in front of you and right where you want – no, make that need! – to go!

It’s a colossal setback as you didn’t calculate moving halfway around the world to your dream destination to speak English all the time; similarly, you didn’t realise it would actually be this hard. Now, you desperately want to breakthrough or master this obstacle, but how can you do to: go over it, under it, around it, or through it?

Another problem is that you well know that the breath-taking scenery and incredible lifestyle around your home is superficial to your actual real true happiness; but, it’s a fact that humans need social interaction to thrive. Even though your relatives and Thai friends are lovely, friendly people, you will, at the end of the day, always feel an outsider if you don’t speak or understand Thai.

Sure, Thai’s are amongst the friendliest people on the planet and you’ll always be welcomed – to a point. But that’s about it. You will be left out, excluded and unaccepted unless you make the effort and succeed at learning the language. That’s the way it is. Think of foreigners who come to your country, how warmly welcomed are they if they don’t integrate?

But, how do you do it, how do you conquer this hurdle?

No doubt you’re aware of the numerous books out there, the hundreds of websites offering free material: sheets, booklets, videos, pictures…the list goes on.

But, once you’re crushed under the suppressing weight of all this free stuff, yet still remain convinced that magic bullet is out there, at what point does the penny drop that wasting your valuable time and expending your precious energy hardly qualifies any of this as ‘free’?

Of course, while this is going on, your language problem still exists; and, the more it’s drawn out, the worse it gets as your initial optimism wanes and you don’t try as hard as you want to. It can even manifest itself into missing your friends back home, homesickness and eventually your ultimate dream turns into something approaching the dreaded nightmare; and, regrettably, your worst-case scenario…

The worst thing is you so desperately want to learn Thai but it just isn’t working. You need something else as the tools you’ve got are all wrong.

Believe it or not, I know all of this because I was in exactly the same situation as you are right now. I defeated this challenge. And with the right tools, so can you. My name’s Russ (that’s a photo of me up on the right), and together with Duangta, we’ve created a ready-to-go, sure-fire system to teach you Thai within 60-days. But first, a bit about Duangta and myself.

Why We Are the Ones To Help You05

I’ve actually been teaching for over 27-years. This first started when I became an instructor in 1986 when I was in the British Army and I’ve been involved in teaching of one sort or another ever since. When I got out of the army I trained new crew on the North Sea drilling rigs – hands-on, on-the-job for 6 years; and, after that, teaching computers and software for 7-years when I went into IT.

I’ve always been interested in scuba diving and became an Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) with PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) at the end of 2004; and, later got my EANx (Nitrox) and Emergency First Response (EFR) instructor qualifications. At the same time, I also spent 4 years delivering yachts (which always involved teaching new crew to sail); and, more recently I passed the Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults course (CELTA). So, all in all, I’ve been teaching in one form or another for over a quarter of a century.


Duangta is an English teacher and works at a Thai state school in the NE of Thailand – she’s native Thai and teaches English language and Thai language. Here she is in her classroom:  She has her BA in English Language and, is studying her Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. For those who don’t know, Chulalongkorn is Thailand’s premier university.

As you can probably appreciate, between us, we have an eclectic array of experience, a wide range of knowledge and, best of all, we know what works and what doesn’t and refelct this in our material. So, how do we, and our revolutionary system do it? Before I answer this let me tell you of a conversation that I had with my father about 8 or 9 years ago.

The Right Tool is Essential

Dad and I were having a quiet pint of beer and a chat in his local pub. We were putting the world to rights (as you do over a pint), and the conversation turned to the subject of education and teaching.

He related a story from years ago and told me of a parents evening they went to at the school many years ago for my brother, Tony. When they came to see the maths teacher, he told them Tony wasn’t doing too well this year.

Now this was uncharacteristic, and to say they were a little shocked was an understatement. Quite naturally, they spent some time that evening finding out more.

To cut a long story short, dad told me that there is no doubt the teacher knew his stuff but the way in which he explained it was all wrong.

As he said to me, “I learnt this subject 45-years ago, and the teacher even confused me!”

This showed me that no matter who the teacher is, if the subject or the material is not presented in an easy and fun way then it’s either going to be ineffective, confusing, and could possibly do more harm than good? Do you agree?

If you’ve been trying to learn Thai before, then my guess is this is right where you are now. How do I know? Because this was EXACTLY where I was.

I Had Severe Problems, Maybe You Have Some of These Too?

I won’t bore you with details of the endless hours spent trying to learn to speak Thai, writing out tables and tables of consonants and vowels in an effort to learn Thai alphabet.

Neither will I drone on about buying blank flashcards, spending hours painstakingly writing out the unfamiliar shapes until the pain in my wrist mercifully ended the day’s scribing. Thankfully, after many days of being a major contributor to the paper-recycling industry of Thailand, I found and bought some commercially-made cards.

I then signed-up for a Thai language conversation course at a well-known language school near Asoke, in the centre of Bangkok; and, though the Thai teacher was very good, the materials were very poor – ring a bell? I learnt some basics, but at the end of this 12-week course, I still hadn’t progressed past the basics.


So there I was, frantically trying to learn Thai, from material that didn’t really help me, as confused as it’s possible to be, wasting countless hours trying to find that elusive switch which will spontaneously ignite that light bulb in my head, and the days, and the weeks are rolling by. Fast.

As for going out and about, in Bangkok, or travelling, I was just another tourist struggling from ‘foreign language anxiety’. If you’ve never heard of this expression before, this is the label the ‘experts’ attach to those feelings of apprehension, worry, uneasiness and nervousness which [almost] overwhelm you when you are in a situation where there’s a chance you might have to speak in a foreign language.

I’m sure you’ve been there, you know: You start to perspire…

  • Your palms start to get sweaty…
  • Your face begins to go red…
  • Sweat starts streaming down your back, soaking your shirt…
  • You feel like everyone is watching you…
  • You want the ground to just open up and swallow you and you’d rather be anywhere but here…
  • You rehearse what you want to say, then your mind goes blank at the exact the moment you step forward and a mere nanosecond before your brain needs to engage with your mouth.

If you’ve experienced any of these, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. The thing is, not only do you know these are all negative irrational feelings, but you also know that they are real and they affect your ability to communicate. If truth be told, they are major problems. For me, these problems stemmed back to my school days and an extended history of language failure, of avoiding situations, mumbling, and fake phone calls – you know the one’s, “Oh, sorry, got to go…” Anything to get away!

My Main Problems

I tried so hard to learn Thai, and though I did face many problems along the way, the ones that affected me most were:

  • As a beginner, I felt as if I’d been dropped in at the deep-end!
  • I lacked the language confidence after each setback – 1-step forward, 2-steps back
  • Other materials weren’t helping and I had practically zero progress – they’ve helped others why not me?
  • Wasting money and not seeing results – with the amount I’d spent, you’d think I’d be fluent by now
  • Embarrassed about my level of [in]ability – it gets to the point where you just don’t want to say anything
  • I thought I had this natural aversion to languages – we are all wired differently after all
  • My brain just didn’t get it – it’s not my fault, I’m just not a language person
  • I felt stuck and was fed up of just wasting time and getting nowhere – I’m a positive person, but even so, sometimes it’s hard
  • Too old – I even thought at one point, age was against me and wished I’d learnt at an earlier age (this then became the excuse, “Oh, erm, I’m not in the critical language learning period”)

I so desperately wanted to learn Thai; but, I was getting nowhere and I straight-up did not know what else to do or which way to turn; and, ultimately, at what point do you say, enough is enough?

I Found my Light Switch…

Then, one day, I found my switch and the light-bulb exploded into light and life. I found this switch in a second-hand book shop.

The book was Harry Farber’s, ‘How to Learn Any Language’, and this was the basis of our system.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been a quick journey – no, not by any means. It’s taken almost 3-years to put our exciting system together and, in this time, we’ve helped well over 1,000 people.

Now, we want to help you.

I admit it probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been walking down Sukhumvit road in Bangkok that day, or I’d been walking on the other side of the road, or even if the bookstore had been closed. The fact is, it wasn’t and, as such, you could say it’s pure luck that set us on a 3-year path to where we are today.

What are the Benefits to Learning Thai With Us?

There are a number of amazing benefits to learning Thai with us, including:

  • We target beginners or those with no knowledge of Thai - our system is unique and it’s often better if you learn afresh, as opposed to having to unlearn other [bad] habits. It’s proven and is guaranteed to help you develop and learn Thai
  • We provide a logical easy to follow system – it’s not complicated and anyone can quickly and easily master it. You will quickly see that it’s impossible to fail and your self-confidence will soar
  • Logically building your knowledge at an easy and simple pace – you go at your own speed and can learn as quickly or as slowly as you want; best of all, you will see the progress you’re making and your assurance will grow
  • Eliminating your frustrations and negativity – some of our customers are both overjoyed and overwhelmed at the speed at which they have mastered the alphabet and can’t wait to ‘get out there’, you will too.
  • There is no natural aversion to languages, it’s a fallacy – it’s just you’ve not had the right material or method before
  • We guide you step-by-step through our system, and explain in infinite detail and slowly ensuring you get it 100%
  • We don’t leave you treading water - unlike other Thai learning materials, we don’t leave you dangling searching for where to go next: we take you by the hand and we make your journey our journey. You will always know what to do and if you have a question, just ask.
  • Success breeds confidence and once you see how easy this is, it will escalate and your motivation and ability will skyrocket
  • Our system gives you the flexibility you desire – though it’s one system, are books are also standalone and you can read them in any order or you can start a book, put it down, and return to it when you’re ready
  • Interchangeable – you can refer back to them at any time to help reinforce where you are, what you know, and ensure that you never need worry about getting stuck again
  • Language opportunities offers you far greater freedom and alternatives and as your frustrations melt away your excitement and motivation to develop will literally explode.

There are Many Other Reasons for Learning Another Language

As we’ve said, there are many, many benefits to learning Thai with us; but, did you know, there are also other fantastic reasons for learning a second language, including:

  • Raising your self-confidence when meeting people
  • Instilling a greater self-belief that you can actually do this
  • Feeling more out-going with your new language skills
  • Making more friends
  • Building your communication skills and say goodbye to being tongue-tied
  • Encouraging you to be more personable and out-going
  • Opening you up to a better social life (Did you know that research has proven that the happiest people are those that have an active social life?)
  • Fostering relationships (multi-lingual people tend to be more interesting and attractive to others)
  • Strengthening your thinking skills: language learning improves cognitive skills
  • Obtaining greater respect for and from others: you’re not treated as just another tourist.
  • Providing you with a far more holistic and enriching experience
  • Understanding your values, beliefs, attitudes and contributing to better spiritual development
  • Enhancing your awareness and sensitivity of, and to, others
  • Furthering opportunities to make contact with like-minded people
  • Improving mobility and flexibility require linguistic and cultural expertise
  • Assembling the pieces to make your life in the Land of Smiles more successful
  • Earning the admiration of those around you as you master the Thai language; and
  • Becoming a valuable and cherished member of your new community.

These are just some of the rewards you can reap from learning Thai. I could go on, but there are literally hundreds of benefits from learning Thai, and some superb reasons why you need to learn with us. Don’t believe us? See what others have to say…

Here’s What Others Have Said about Quest…

You’ve seen some snippets from these testimonials before, but here are some other snippets (note if you want to view the testimonials in full, the link is at the top of the page):

“Thanks for sending the books so quickly. I’ve started to read them and I think your teaching technique is very good, much better than other books I’ve seen…”
Julian Wheeler, Chonburi, Thailand, 28th October 2012

“…thank you for your quick reply.   I would like to thank you for making this web site.  It very good I have not seen anything like this before. It works very well for me and it’s what I have been waiting for.  I hope to learn very quickly, now I have found a good learning tool. Thank you!     Mike Jordan, Southampton, UK, 3rd March 2013


“…After only having your book and the app for about 3 weeks, I am able to sound out Thai words pretty accurately…your books made learning the pronunciation and alphabet very easy. ”

Allen Mitchell, 9th April 2013
“…I tried the free 3 day trial of the “Learn Thai Alphabet web application”. After about 4 hours of playing with the program I was hooked! I couldn’t put it down because I was actually learning! My fears of the Thai language were overtaking me until I used this program.
Within the first 4 hours I had the consonants down pat! I have a medical condition that causes severe memory issues, but I was retaining what I was learning! I decided to wait till the next day to see exactly how much I retained. I only got 1 wrong on the test! For me this was amazing!
I opted to not wait out the 3 day trial and I purchased the entire program complete with all 4 of the books. I now feel confident I can learn and retain what I am learning. I have tried numerous other products and they made no sense what so ever!
The on time support with other products I have purchased (and don’t use) was not very good. Russ is very quick to respoSandy Chingnd and very thorough in his answers. I would highly recommend this software and the eBooks that go with it. The eBooks give a lot more detailed info regarding the program and help to answer any questions you may have.
Since purchasing this  software I am amazed at my progress with a language I NEVER thought I could learn! The Thai language is very intimidating and this program has taken the fear away! I would give it an 11 out of 10 points!!
Thanks Russ!” Sandra Ching, Cotacachi, Ecuador. 9th September 2013[

“…Well, I agree that your app and those posts are like a speed-of-light catalyst in terms teaching one the Thai script and reading it within literally two days (in my experience) which I find extraordinary.  I have received Thai books from Thai friends in Thailand that are honestly a collection of hard to understand jargon that instead of starting with the basics, bombard one with so much information that should be reserved for the middle stages of language learning instead of the beginning (or maybe I have a personal problem when it comes to dry material...). Maybe, those books follow the 'if you want to learn how to swim quickly, you have to be thrown in the deep end of the pool' philosophy...

Emiliusz Smorczewski, Illinois, USA, 9th July 2013.

“I never thought I’d be able to get past reading from a phrase book but I’m surprised at how quickly and easily this is all sinking in. Thanks for making it easy.”

Mitch Costello, Sydney, Australia, 9th September 2013mcostello

“…I want to thank you for creating a system in which learning Thai is much much more natural rather than filled with the “technical jargon"   as you have pointed out, somewhere… Maybe you get quite a bit of these, but I am really thankful because learning Thai has become easy thanks to you."     Emiliusz Smorczewski, Illinois, USA, 3rd July 2013

“I was at the point where I was ready to give up learning Thai and then I found your website. I’ve been skeptical about other books as I haven’t gotten anywhere with them and they seem to just confuse things. I’m pleased to say I didn’t listen to myself for once and decided to buy your great adventure book You make it sound easy and logical and it’s filled a lot of gaps the others left. I’ve just bought your other two books from Amazon. Thank you so much."

Marie James, Cambridge, UK, 21st August 2013

I have been very pleased with how quickly I have been able to learn and retain so much. 

Another aspect to purchasing anything is the quality of service received. I had some questions at the beginning about some issues with a few things and the person who designed the app responded PERSONALLY, within 24 hrs both times and was able to explain how to fix it.  (Russ's note: this is me, I designed, built and maintain the app personally). 
The iPad version is awesome because I can use it anywhere without internet. I travel a lot and often am without internet, so it makes it nice.   
All in all, this is an amazing app and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to learn the thai alphabet. It's easy and with only short amount of time, I use it about 15-20 min a day, you can learn the alphabet. Speaking will be a different story, but will tackle that when we get there.   Thanks for an awesome product and amazing service. "  
Brian Atwell, Oregon, USA 3rd October 2013

“I will inform you that learning Thai with the help of LTYGA and your online application has never been easier.  

Moreover, I must say that the resources that you have created are the best that I've found to learn the Thai script because all the necessary knowledge is in one place and these resources, I feel, are based on the student's needs to learn; to learn Thai without the hassles of jargon. LTYGA and your online application are to the point. I like that a lot... Having said that, without your valuable resources that you have put together, I think I would still be struggling with the Thai script, desperately searching online for answers that are hardly there... but I found your book and your app and I am thankful that I have. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Emiliusz"

Emiliusz Smorczewski, Illinois, USA, 7th August 2013

" How simple an idea in Memory Aids!! And I would recommend doing that, along with the online App first and then moving into LTYGA book later.  These resources are making the learning of Thai finally a reality after numerous false starts...

...But the simplicity of the system breaks down the psychological barriers to attacking the idea of reading/writing Thai.   I'm looking forward to working more with the reading part but really want to master all the Memory Aids, App and LTYGA material as I simultaneously work on the spoken language.   If you are serious about learning Thai, you will not regret any of the time you spend early on with this material."

Brock Estes, Richmond, VA, 15th September 2013

quest_logo Quest is our Quick, Easy, Simple Thai system to teach you to speak, read and write Thai, and is comprised of 4 books and one web-based/iPad application. These are:

  • Quest Volume 1 - Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure (LTYGA - book)
  • Quest Volume 2 - Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure (MATYGA - book)
  • Quest Volume 3 - The Perfect Thai Phrasebook (TPTP - book)
  • The Learn Thai Alphabet Application
  • Quest Volume 4 - How to Read Thai (HTRT - book)

Our products start at the beginning and take you all the way to being able to read Thai script We give you a comprehensive understanding of the Thai language system and Quest provides you with potent system that is consistent, clear, quick, easy, simple, and proven method which lets you unleash your potential.

No More Time Wasting

There are 12 transliteration systems in use in Thailand and the more study materials you get then the greater the chance that you will have to learn a different transliteration system, Effectively, you’re just wasting more time learning something you don’t want to be wasting time on and risk confusing yourself even more. With Quest, you get one system, you don’t waste time, and you don’t get sent all over the place.

“…your method really appeals to me and is FUN as well as clear. Thanks so much for all your hard work – I hope it all pays off for you and Duangta!”

Uda G, Chippenham, UK, 8th July 2013

Though you need to dispense with transliterated Thai as soon as you can, it does serve its purpose initially. The transliteration system we use - the Paiboon system - is the best one (and believe me, we’ve tried them all). It uses a simple method to identify tone and indicate vowel length. You have to bear in mind that Thai is a tonal language and the vowel length and tone of a word are as important as the consonants and vowels themselves and it’s essential to get it right (pages 9, 10 and 17).

Another vital element is learning the consonant classes (you need to know this to understand tone); and, unlike other materials we use a simple, unforgettable colour system that you can recall at will (page 27).

Not only is this consistency the key to your success, but it is key to the speed of your success.

As with any good system, there is a start point and a logical progression. The beauty of Quest is once you’ve learnt the basics, you’re then free to concentrate on what you actually want to learn.

Quest Volume 1 – Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure (Your starting point)

Your Quest begins with the entry point for our system, Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure (LTYGA). This 180-page full-colour book gives you a solid introduction to the Thai language, the alphabet (section 1): consonants (section 2), vowels (section 3) and much more.

You pick up Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure and quickly learn the transliterated system, our colour-codes, our mnemonics for tone and you’ve essentially learnt the bulk of our system – it is very, very easy.

In fact, it’s so easy, I’m surprised that it’s not been done like this before. In fact, see for yourself, just click on the image to view inside a sample of the LTYGA flipbook:

Don’t be put off by the size of this book. The first 35-pages are essential to gain an understanding of our system, and the remainder helps to reinforce what we’re talking about and to help expand you knowledge, vocabulary, and so on.

You can put it down, move onto something else, and use it as a reference (as required); alternatively, you can come back to it and pick it up if you want to look at the story, the characteristics of the consonant, to trace how it’s hand-written, and so forth.

We mentioned that Thai is a tonal language before and tones are vital in understanding words (section 5). Thai uses some tone marks but not only do you need to know how to recognise the tone marks, but you need to know what tone they produce with each consonant class (section 5.1, page 25). However, if there is no tone mark present, then you need to be able to calculate tone: we show you the tabular way (table 5.4.1), and then we show you our simple easy-to-remember way (page 29).

And, as part of tone, you need to know to which class a consonant belongs to be able to work out how to pronounce it correctly: the classes are High, Middle, or Low. As we said earlier, we use the simplest technique imaginable to remember this – you already know this, we just help connect the dots (page 27).

Tone can prove a real undoing for a lot of learners of Thai, but again, this is because of the way it’s taught – our system not only unforgettable but it is SIMPLICITY itself.

LTYGA also gives you:

  • Grammar – we don’t go over-the-top here but just give a brief explanation of how Thai sentence structure is similar to English (section 4). Knowing this ensures that when you speak, you are understood and helps lower and do away with the foreign language anxiety we mentioned earlier.
  • Rules for reading Thai – reading Thai is not as difficult as you think (section 6) and many are put off by the unfamiliar script; but, with Quest we help dispel this myth quickly and easily.
  • Vowel positioning – this is vital to know and helps with learning to read Thai (section 7). Many books don’t teach you this but in a script where there are no spaces between words and hardly any punctuation, these simple clues help us to easily break down sentences (deconstructing sentences is what proves daunting for many when starting to read Thai).
  • Unwritten vowels – another big problem for beginners is identifying where unwritten vowels are (section 7.1). Again, the rules are easy, but it’s how you put it into practice that counts.
  • The Consonant Story – this provides you with an introduction to Thai script, offering word and syllable-spaced Thai script to give you an understanding of how it is written; plus our method allows you to follow the transliteration, word-spaced, and normal Thai all on one double-page spread.

LTYGA also has a [loosely connected] story to link the consonants together (in order). The Thai alphabet is NOT like the Roman alphabet where we remember A, B, C, D, E, etc. If you’re anal (like I am), and can’t learn the alphabet order from the Thai alphabet poem (the only other thing I’ve ever seen which tries to teach you the alphabet order) then our story may help.

  • Much more – in the rest of LTYGA, we have sections on silent consonants, writing Thai, other languages notes, numbers, counting in Thai, time, useful phrases, and other word lists; plus a comprehensive 1,800+ index of words to help expand your vocabulary.

As we said, the first part of the book is essential reading to get started, the remainder builds on this. LTYGA provides you with all the information you need to learn about the Thai language, the alphabet, tone and provides a firm foundation on which to build your knowledge. However, to really start getting to grips with the language, you must start learning the Thai alphabet.

Quest Volume 2 – Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure

700 copies sold

 Our second book in the Quest series is Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure (MATYGA). This 50-page book offers you the quickest, easiest, and simplest way to learn Thai alphabet and includes all the consonants, vowels and tone marks.

Once you’ve learnt the basics with LTYGA, you can continue there, or you can pick-up MATYGA and start learning the alphabet: it uses the same colour-code, same transliteration, and the same mnemonics – simple. This enables you to sustain your focus, maintain your concentration, and keep progressing your learning.

Using our simple colour-coding system, every consonant and vowel is linked to an easy to remember picture, which means you can learn the consonants in a matter of hours. It’s so easy, even a child can learn this.

  • Simple colour-code – means you only need to learn one system (this applies across all our materials)
  • Easily recognisable pictures – means learning is simple and as our brain works in pictures, it’s picture-in, picture-out: your brain needs to do less work, and you learn faster; have you ever heard the phrase ever heard the phrase, “seeing with your mind’s eye”? This is how your brain works.
  • Memorable names – we name our pictures and use this naming convention to help you read Thai. As always, we use this all the way through to the end – we only teach you the essentials of what you need to know at this point.
Interactive Learning with the Learn Thai Alphabet Application

However, if you prefer a more interactive style of learning, then The Learn Thai Alphabet application is the answer. The LTA app is a web-based and an iPad application that is built in Articulate Storyline and is packed with far more than MATYGA and offers full interactive learning and testing of all elements of the alphabet. This way, you can view the pictures, listen to the sounds from native speakers and test yourself all the way. You can also use this track your progress, see what areas you’re weak on, enabling you to prioritise them and focus on improvement.

This has to be the easiest and best way yet devised for learning the Thai alphabet.

It comes in two versions: the web version (for pc and mac), and the iPad version (v2+). This image shows sample screens from the app:

Sample screenshots from the The Learn Thai Alphabet Web Application

You can view a video of the app showing recent upgrades:

Quest Volume 3 – The Perfect Thai Phrasebook

If you’re coming to Thailand and just want to learn some phrases before you arrive, then The Perfect Thai Phrasebook is packed with everyday phrases that people use. In the 3rd book in our Quest system, there’s no pfaff, there’s no clutter, and the 102-pages contain just what you need to navigate and communicate your way around the Kingdom.

This book can be used at whatever your level so if you find yourself heading off to Thailand before you’ve completed your studies, then you are already well-equipped.

  • Simple everyday phrases – giving you the confidence to handle everyday situations with ease and with flair
  • Easy to navigate – a clear table of contents, headed sections means you don’t waste time fumbling around looking for the information that you need. It’s at hand and you can breeze through your conversation
  • Clean look – ever had a phrasebook in size 5 font? They’re nigh on impossible to read; but, with our phrasebook there’s no need to squint and struggle to read the phrase you need which helps alleviate anxiety and stress.

Broken down into logical chapters such as: Do’s and Don’ts (chapter 2), politeness (chapter 6), basic formalities (chapter 8), looking for lodging (chapter 11), culinary considerations (chapter 12), you will find that the 26 chapters have practically every phrase you need for your trip.

Also, in the appendix are word lists so you can brush-up and either use these to build your vocabulary, construct your own sentences; or, if it comes down to it in your hour of need, to simply point to!

Of course, if you’re learning the Thai language, this is also an excellent book to help you learn to read Thai. Unlike a lot of other books which make the Thai font so small it’s practically unreadable, we give equal weight to the Thai font size in this book – the ultimate goal is to read Thai, isn’t it?

But, we don’t expect you take our word for it, click on the image below to browse a sample flash-version of the book and then you will be able to plainly see the superb benefits this offers you:

Quest Volume 4 – How to Read Thai

Step 4 in your Quest is our new How to Read Thai book. If you’ve ever looked at Thai script and thought, “Wow! Where do you start?” then you most certainly are not alone.

Yes, it’s a common occurrence.

It’s also one of the main reasons why a book of this nature has never been written before – quite simply, WHERE DO YOU START?

But, and as you’ll find throughout our system, the answer is very simple – with the basics.

We’ve got 8 of them. 8 what?


8 simple rules are the difference between standing there looking at a mass of squirling characters, or reading the words and the sentences out; and, if you can learn 8 simple rules, then if you’ve come through our system, you can learn to read Thai.

One customer, Brock – who gave us a testimonial – was one of those who received an advanced copy of the book, he says:

“GREAT BOOK!!   I have gone all the way through page 40  this morning, since downloading it, and I really want to keep reading, but I really should stop and practice…”

Yes, it is easy to jump ahead. He then goes onto say:

“…Super job on this latest book, and I have made more progress in the relatively short time of going through all the material that I have so far in all 4 resources (LTYGA, Memory Aids, App, and first part of How To Read Thai), than I would have in many months of conventional study…  Thanks to you both for a great set of resources!!!   May the Lord bless you both.   …Brock”

Yes, we are extremely pleased with this book. It takes your adventure to a whole new level; and, as we may have mentioned once or twice before, a book of this nature, of this description, clarity and purpose is unavailable and probably never been attempted before.


Before those who haven’t come through our Quest system ask: yes, it is a standalone book; so, yes, you will be able to use it if you haven’t got LTYGA, MATYGA or The Learn Thai Alphabet application. But, seeing as we use the same picture names (for consonant and vowel sounds), the same acronyms, the same hints and tips throughout, if you haven’t come through our system, you’re essentially going to have to get up to speed with it first – the beauty of a single system!!

Within the book, and as always, we start off with the very basics and cover the Thai alphabet again (it’s important you know this), then we talk about the different levels of Thai language before moving onto consonants, consonant classes, multi-role and silent consonants.

Next it’s onto vowels: simple, complex, and inherent, before we look at the 8 simple rules for reading Thai.

Understanding and learning these is what will enable you to work out what you need for reading Thai.

Then, taking these rules and combining these with your knowledge of the alphabet, we teach you to deconstruct sentences into individual words and syllables; and, we do this by giving you the actual thought processes which I use: we analyse and deconstruct the syllables and the word, step-by-step in the easiest and simplest fashion. This mirrors the think-aloud teaching strategy which is so effective with new learners.

…and, as Brock so eloquently put it a few months ago:

“…But the simplicity of the system breaks down the psychological barriers to attacking the idea of reading/writing Thai … If you are serious about learning Thai, you will not regret any of the time you spend early on with this material…”

Brock Estes, Richmond, VA, 15th September 2013

But, don’t take our word for it, have a sneak preview of the book:



“Quest is not just a system for learning Thai, it’s the key to your opportunity and your future.”

But, You Also Get…

As a special bonus for being proactive and taking action today, you also get the following bonuses:

  • The Learn Thai Days of the Week – this simple eBook is based on a sailing delivery job I did in 2009, when I took a 48’catamaran from Annapolis to Havana, Cuba. The memories and events from the second half of the trip help me to remember the Thai days of the week.
  • A Field Guide to Reading Thai Roadside Signs – a 91-page eBook by author Hugh Leong, which gives you a good insight into the signs you see when out-and-about on your day-to-day travels in Thailand. Obviously this is essential if you are driving in Thailand, but it’s also a superb resource for learning to read basic Thai.
  • Access to the Members’ Area – where we have 70% of the imminent How to Read Thai book already written. Note: this is not available anywhere else and is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.
  • Our Learn Thai Alphabet application – yes, that’s right, we give you our web-based app for free.

Business Level Servers – minimal downtime

As it’s web-based, you don’t have to worry about installing programs on your pc or mac and all you need is an Internet connection and a web-browser. We take all the headaches, problems and concerns away from you, leaving you to concentrate on learning. It also means you don’t have to worry about system compatibility, any software updates, or the myriad of problems that can go wrong as we manage everything and stream it [fast] to you. Our site is hosted on business-level servers and the app is securely streamed from AmazonS3 (which guarantees a downtime of less than 1 minute per week). (iPad 2+ upgrade is available in the members’ area at $9.99. All you android users will have to wait until Articulate works with your system, sorry it’s out of our hands!)

Our Unbelievable Price

I have no idea of the figures that may be spinning around in your head for the cost of Quest, but it’s going to be far less than you think. Looking at the individual items that make up Quest, these retail at:

Product prices

Total cost for the Quest system: $114.95. But, for quick action takers the price today for you is going to be much, much less than that. In addition, if you factor in what we paid for the Articulate Storyline software license (this is the programme the app is built-in, plus the development costs, the initial getting messed around by various contractors), the price looks slightly less attractive:


Now, that’s without even factoring in the 800 hours (a conservative figure) I spent learning how to use Articulate Storyline and the hours of developing and building the app myself.

As a guide, I contract at $30-40 per hour for my normal day job (this is me), so if you multiply my hourly rate by the number of hours (30 x 800) then you’re looking at a huge amount of money. But, for you, the cost for the Quest system isn’t going to be anywhere near what we’ve paid in time, effort, and money.


Though the full package of available products – today, to you – is $114.95 (and we’re not even going to mention the $26,000+ for the licensing, development, build, testing, and hosting costs). Also, Amazon charge us for the app storage and usage so the more you use the app, the more it actually costs us (on a monthly basis); BUT, we’re so confident that Quest will get you where you want to be, we absorb that cost – you pay one time and that’s it

But, we’re not going to ask you for that.

No, we’re so confident that you’re going to enjoy our system that we want you to take us up on our claims and are offering a whopping 30% off.

That 30% discount means the price – to you – today is $79.07 for the entire package. And for this, you get our key books:

  • Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure – our flagship entry-level book. 180-pages packed full with the information you need to start learning Thai.
  • Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure – our best seller with over 650 copies sold to date; and, without a shadow of a doubt, the best way to learn the Thai alphabet.
  • The Perfect Thai Phrasebook – bulging with useful day-to-day phrases to help you build your vocabulary, communicate better, and aid you in learning to read Thai script.
  • How to Read Thai – 382-pages of step-by-step, take you by the hand and guide you to where you want to be with reading Thai. There are no two-ways about it, this book that has never been done before in this manner. You will be both surprised and amazed at how simple it is.

But, that’s not all, you also get our fantastic bonuses:

  • The Learn Thai Alphabet application – Yes, we take this out of the equation and give you full lifetime access to the web version of the interactive learning of the Thai alphabet application, to quizzes, sounds by native speakers and much more (upgrade to the iPad version, this will cost you $9.99 from within the members’ area)
  • The Learn Thai Days of the Week – this simple eBook is based on a sailing delivery job I did in 2009, when I took a 48’catamaran from Annapolis to Havana, Cuba. The memories and events from the second half of the trip help me to remember the Thai days of the week.
  • A Field Guide to Reading Thai Roadside Signs – a 91-page eBook by author Hugh Leong, which gives you a good insight into the signs you see when out-and-about on your day-to-day travels in Thailand. Obviously this is essential if you are driving in Thailand, but it’s also a superb resource for learning to read basic Thai.

That Illusive Magic Wand!


If $79.07 seems like a lot of money for an entire system of 3-years work, let’s put it into perspective.

Many people look for free educational material, not just for learning Thai, but across the whole spectrum. I admit that I did at first because I was looking for the quick solution, something that would help me – perhaps even the one-stop answer to my prayers… but, guess what, I never found it! But that was then, and I have to admit there is no point in looking for it. Why? Well, for 3 main reasons:

  • Mainly because if it is actually out there, it’s unlikely to be in the free section of the website (let’s be real here)
  • Does it actually exist? Maybe it does – somewhere (by the way, if you do find it please send me the URL)


“…I have received Thai books from Thai friends in Thailand that are honestly a collection of hard to understand jargon that instead of starting with the basics, bombard one with so much information that should be reserved for the middle stages of language learning instead of the beginning (or maybe I have a personal problem when it comes to dry material…). Maybe, those books follow the ‘if you want to learn how to swim quickly, you have to be thrown in the deep end of the pool’ philosophy…
Emiliusz Smorczewski, Illinois, USA, 9th July 2013
  • The time factor. When I started learning Thai, I spent hours (and hours, and hours) searching on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., for the answer to my prayers. If I multiply that by my hourly rate for work… what a complete and utter waste of my time!

If you look at the minimal hourly rate in the US (currently $7.25, though this varies by state) and spend an entire 8-hour day looking for that magic bullet… you do the math? Once, you’ve worked out what the cheaper option is, feel free to check out the guarantee with the ‘free’ stuff you’ve just found.

100% Risk Free

Yes, you read that right. But, before we go forward, we just need to rein it back a bit…

To tell you the truth, I hope you have seen the other Thai learning material that is available so you are in a position to compare and evaluate it to Quest.

We offer this 100% risk free guarantee to you as we desire only satisfied customers. If you give Quest a chance, put it into practice, make a solid, concerted effort to learn, and still find our statements to be incorrect and our material doesn’t match our claims then all you have to do is email us within 60 days for a no quibble, no hassle refund. This way, we take all the risk and you have nothing to lose.

Yes, you read that right. This package is 100% risk-free to you for 60-days. If after that making a solid, concerted effort to learn Thai, you don’t like it, or it isn’t helping you, or you think we’ve deceived you in any way shape or form, then email us and let us know and we’ll refund you 100% of your money.


Trust, Honesty and Quality

Duangta and I believe in quality, we believe in honesty, we believe in trust, and we believe that Quest will genuinely help you. We put our life and soul into making this system and have many satisfied customers. That’s the way we are and, if you have read some of the testimonials we’ve been given, you will see the level that we go to. But, we’re sure that Quest will help you, so that’s why we’re happy to take all the risk ourselves.

So, if you do give Quest its best shot, and genuinely attempt to learn with it, and it doesn’t help you, then all you need to do is send us an email and let us know, and we’ll refund your money – in full.


As we’ve mentioned, we have some great products and bonuses and though we like helping people, and have put a lot of energy and over 3-years work into getting to this point, we do feel that Quest has great value attached to it; and, to be fair to existing customers (who probably didn’t get such great bonuses), we have agreed to only hold it open for 30-days.

So, you need to act now to get the best price. Again, if you want to go off and try and hunt down free material, by all means go for it; but, if you think you’re going to find the answer to your prayers, we think you’re going to be sorely disappointed – we just hope you realise that before you waste too much of your precious time. However, with Quest, you know it will take you to where you want to be and we not only guarantee it, but we also place 100% of the risk on us: you have, quite simply, nothing to lose – nothing!

Here’s What You Get

Just to remind you, once you start with us, your confidence with Thai will be unsurpassed and:

  • You’ll no longer begin to perspire as you can feel your cheeks reddening with embarrassment, as the sweat in your palms tries to maintain a balance with the moisture inching its way down your spine……
  • You will relish every situation with your new language ability and look back and laugh at all those times you wished the ground would just open up and swallow you.
  • In fact, those negative feeling will be banished forever as you realise that the problem you had before wasn’t down to you:
  • You don’t have an aversion to languages
  • Your brain does get it
  • Your ability will come on in leaps and bounds
  • Your confidence will raise the roof
  • You will, quite simply, wish you’d found us earlier!

But, only if you act now. Remember, you get our entire Quest system, which comprises (with bonuses if you act fast):

  • Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure (pdf eBook)
  • Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure (pdf eBook)
  • The Perfect Thai Phrasebook (pdf eBook)
  • The Learn Thai Alphabet application (web app)
  • How to Read Thai (pdf ebook)
  • The Thai Days of the Week (pdf eBook)
  • A Field Guide to Reading Thai Roadside Signs (pdf eBook)
  • Full-access to the members’ area

You get instant access to all of these for a measly $$79.07.

$79.07 to open up a whole new world. Think how much time you’ve wasted browsing for free stuff which just keeps you searching for more as the clock ticks steadily on. Trust your gut on this, you’ve seen what others have said, you definitely won’t regret it; and, best of all, it’s 100% risk free.

We take all the worry away: if you’re not completely satisfied, then you get a full refund from us. No quibbles, no questions asked, and no risk to you. You know you want to banish that anxiety to the past and really start making in-roads now. We know you can do this and, deep down, so do you – you just need to make that step. You have nothing to lose. So act now. Click on the buy now button and begin your Quest today.


Thanks for reading this letter and we hope you’ve enjoyed what we have to say, we also hope that you enjoy Quest. We’re proud of it. We feel sure it won’t be long before you are proud of it and your achievements too.

Grand_Pearl 081

Russ and Duangta

p.s. Don’t forget, this is the one and only system which guarantees your success with zero risk to you. Please don’t leave here and waste your time browsing for the free material that you think will answer your prayers – it isn’t out there. Deep-down you know that as well as we do so why waste your precious time. If you want to spend hours and hours looking for something that isn’t there, then we can’t stop you and your brick wall will still be standing, right in front of you; the alternative is to stop wasting time and take action now, totally risk free – today. For $79.07 you can have our entire system. Orange

p.p.s Just one quick question before we run out of space, where do you want to be in 6-months’ time? If you genuinely want to be looking back with regret at what you could have achieved, then the simplest – and the laziest thing – to do is nothing. But, if that is your choice, and it is made of your own free will, then you only have yourself to blame. Did you know that second language learning has a host of health benefits too? It’s been proven to help prevent Alzheimer’s (Moskowitz, 2011), that it boosts your brain power (BBC News, 2004), and knowing a foreign language enhances YOUR quality of life (Wicksteed, 2004). So, if you want to fulfil that dream, you’ve got to make the choice. It’s up to you, you can walk away and you’ll lose the bonuses, or you can take a positive step towards better health and a better life. Take action now and get it at this reduced price as we won’t hold it forever. Next time may be too late. Click buy now.






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